Hosted by actor/comedian Jason Deline it’s like a book club with comedy albums. First Thursday of every month we listen to an agreed upon/curated comedy album, then we get together and talk about it! Fun, right?

Episode 25 - Robin Williams: Reality… What A Concept

January 10, 2019

We (JasonHelena and Matt) had the joy of sitting down with Martha O'Neill and Andrew Fleming to discuss Robin Williams' debut album Reality... What A Concept. If you don't do drugs you'll surely feel like you've done them after going down the rabbit hole of Willams' album Reality... What a Concept. His rapid fire delivery, his off the cuff improvisational jokes and his pure joy is infectious and even when some of the panel may not have got the jokes they felt better for having listened to it.

For the full experience also listen to our earlier episode A Night At The Met with Robin Williams featuring Peter Hill and Sharilyn Johnson which is truly an interesting juxtaposition. Over the course of a few short years Robin dramatically changes his style and structure and when compared it really illustrates the scope of his talent.

Thanks for listening and remember before enjoying the podcast listen to the album for the full experience.